Education & Employment

Education is a very important thing for each individual. Moreover, we are focusing on girl child education to create a difference. “Educating a girl is educating a complete family” is the famous quote that we all must have read, it signifies the importance of educating a girl which can bring a big change in our worlds. We are up to a small motive to encourage such girls who are keen to learn but are not able to do it. We can also provide online education & training to people who are in need of it. The Internet can be a great source of learning these days. We can put little efforts and let people know about the new technology and people who are residing in remote areas. Education is a process of bringing desirable changes into the behavior of human beings. The word “educate” comes from the Latin word “Educere” which means lead out the person in you. One should educate himself or herself to bring that person out of you. The nation has been making long strides in the areas of Science, Technology & Education. Weather economically or socially education plays a vital role in the growth of India. India is ranking in terms of population so can’t we make a use of it. According to a research, done found that the maximum part of the population is youth. Educating these people can lead to a better India tomorrow. To eradicate poverty, hunger, and unemployment we need to education. Education is also needed for the economic growth of India. From our end, we want to help people who are not able to seek knowledge.