Our Story

Youth Talent Development Society (YTDS) is a non-governmental organization based in Pune and founded in the year 2009. It is chaired by three enthusiastic and compassionate individuals:

  • Ameet Bhinganiya
  • Vikas Bhatt and
  • Jeevan Rankahmbe

‘We see no dichotomy in encouraging entrepreneurs to build great companies while also thinking about the manner in which the good fortune that comes with successful business endeavors can be shared with the society that contributed to their success.’ - Warren Buffett

Inspired by these lines in the early days, Ameet says “I have always had the feeling of giving it back to the society and making a difference in the life of the masses in need, especially the youth, women and children. This feeling of compassion helped me conceptualize YTDS with Vikas and Jeevan”

YTDS focuses on enhancing the potential of young minds by spreading awareness about social and economic causes, providing education, training, workshops and sensitizing the youth to the changing environment and its problems.

Jeevan says “We work towards creating minds that are not only humane and honest but also have respect for law and feeling of nationalism.”

Our aim is to skyrocket socio-economic development, cultivate an attitude towards becoming productive members of the society and strive to raise a generation of young minds that will build India of our dreams.

YTDS is a “NO PROFIT, NO LOSS” organization. Meaning, we function with the sole aim to attain growth and development in the society.

In Vikas’s terms “YTDS is for the society, of the society and by the society. Every single day we streamline our efforts towards ideating events, programs, missions and training that help us bring a step closer to our goals. We never think about whether we will gain materially from any event or activity. I am proud of what YTDS has achieved in the past few years”

Can you relate to our goals? Want to help us or contribute in any way possible? Click here to be a volunteer or an intern. You can also help us by making a donation.

Write to us at info@ytds.org or call us at +91 8999621797


At YTDS, we believe that educated, employed, aware and engaged minds possess the ultimate power to solve India’s problems - be it domestic violence, drug abuse, unemployment or climatic change.

We believe in creating a generation where young minds achieve their full potential and shape the future of the country with power, confidence and new ideas. YTDS prepares them to be healthy, productive and engaged.

Be a part of our mission and contribute to the change. Be the change you want to see!

Education is not preparation for Life; it is Life itself

There has been an improvement in literacy rate of India but there is still a long way to go.
Come and join us in educating India.