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YTDS, Youth Talent and Development Society, is an organization that is dedicated to empowering the youth by providing vocational training, employment training, job opportunities, education and sensitizing them towards the changing environment

Here are a few events and activities that we are conducting or have conducted recently.

Plant a Million Trees

Plant a Million Tree is an initiative by us with an ambitious (and yet achievable) target of planting a million trees this year.

The mission is aimed to raise awareness, build concern, bring in people, college students, school children, NGOs, environmentalists and corporates together to reach a goal of planting a million treeS in 2018-2019 ends.

You can read about it here.

Refuse to be a victim [Women Safety and Self Defense Awareness]

We live in a country where women are taught to be within their homes, not to go out late, wear or say something to NOT get raped instead of teaching men NOT to rape.

Women in India are often seen as “dependant” or referred to as the weaker sex. Owing to such thinking, women are considered easy targets by attackers. The crime rate against women is on the rise not only in Pune but the entire nation.

And, hence, YTDS wanted to take a step to empower women by providing safety and self-defense training that teach you how to handle situations of possible attack.

You can read about it here.

1 - #PLantAMillionTree | 29th July 2018
Kids, Parents, Volunteers, YTDS Team - all got together this Sunday and joined hands for 1 cause - to maintain the trees that have been planted before by us. It’s important to know a tree’s preferred moisture conditions, even if it’s receiving enough water from rainfall alone. Ideally, the tree is planted in the right place and thriving in existing soil conditions. Thus, tree maintenance is important, planting is not just enough for tree's welfare.
2 - #PLantAMillionTree | 22nd July 2018
We would like to extend our thanks to all those who joined us inspite of the bad weather. Let us work hard today for a better tomorrow.
3 - #PLantAMillionTree | 14th and 15th July 2018
आज YTDS आणि माहिती सेवा समिती (वारघडे साहेब) यांच्या संयुक्त विध्यमाने बकोरी डोंगरावर ५०० हुन अधिक झाडे लावण्यात आली. विशेष म्हणजे आज वनविभागाच्या अधिकाऱ्यांनी या कार्यक्रमात हजेरी लावली आणि वृक्षारोपण केले व वृक्षारोपणाची योग्य शास्त्रोक्त पद्धत शिकवली. असेच हे आमचे काम अखंडित सुरू राहणार आहे. याच कार्यक्रमात आपल्या सर्वांच्या श्रमदानाची गरज आहे तरी जास्तीत जास्त संख्येने दर रविवारी आपली उपस्थिती लावून आपल्या कार्यास प्रसाहन देणेची विनंती.
Today, YTDS & Info Services Committee (Mr. Varaghade) with the joint event planted about 500 tress on Bakori Hill. More importantly, officials of the Forest Department were also present for this special occasion, who taught us the technicalities of planting. This work that we started will be continued and we need your donations for the same & thus expect you to present yourself this Sunday again for this ongoing campaign. We anticipate getting encouraged by your presence.
4 - #PLantAMillionTree | 8th July 2018
A total of 50 trees planted with the help of YTDS regular members + new volunteers in Bakori Tekdi. Near Bhaironnath Mandir Well @ Wagholi, we planted a total of 200 trees. Special thanks to our new Volunteers who made extra effort to plant trees. Thank you Atul Borale, Rahul Jawalkar, and Mahesh Lawand.
5 - #PLantAMillionTree | 1st July 2018
Till now, 300 saplings have been planted. Thank you volunteers, society and all the other groups who are helping us in this campaign.
6 - #PLantAMillionTree | 24th June 2018.
7 - #PlantAMilliontTree | 17th June 2018
8 - #PlantAMilliontTree | 10th June 2018

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