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--------------------------------------------Simple ways of contributing to the society-------------------------------------------

YTDS believes in giving back to the society. We have only one life and we should utilize it in doing something good for ourselves and the society. In this hustle and bustle of life and materialistic instincts, people remember only the former and that's disheartening in every way.

But, all we need is to be humane and have the compassion to help others in the way within our reach. The work and satisfaction from contributing your time to a cause is itself rewarding.

And, this is the reason, YTDS always welcomes volunteers, whether in groups or individually. We also accept international students as volunteers.

Come and be a part of this journey

Volunteers can choose which activities they want to work on, depending on their interest, knowledge and passion.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, drop us an email at

I am willing to contribute but I don’t have enough time

We understand and appreciate that you are willing to help us. There are numerous ways you can help us beyond time and money.

Spread the word about YTDS work and encourage peers to volunteer. Sharing our events and work on your social media platforms, especially Facebook, is a good start.

If you have some special skills, like IT knowledge, writing skills, sketching, powerpoint presentation expert, regional language ninja etc, do write to us. We have work you can do sitting in the comforts of your home and still contribute to a cause.

We need young and talented minds to drive the change we want to see and you are definitely one of them.

You can register with us using the form below and we will get in touch with you shortly with the next orientation program.

Are you looking to intern with us?

That is great! We accept student interns who connect with our cause.

Are you looking to build a career with YTDS?

Thank you for choosing us. Presently, we are are not recruiting but we would like to keep your records in our system for any future job opening. Please email us your resume along with a cover letter at

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Mayur Potdar

I'm a volunteer and I'm glad to be a part of Youth Talent and Development Society. I love to get involved in such activities which encourages youth to come forward and build up our confidence.

Govind Surwase

I own a farming land and YTDS has helped educate the value of environment and create awareness which has increased my productivity 3x since last year.