Young & Youth Development

Youth in India are the people who are driving our nation and we should encourage them by various activities through which we can come to know the potential of our youngsters. There are Youth Development Organizations that helps to promote the positive and healthy development of young people. Our mission is to provide the challenges, experiences, and support that young people need to develop their potential. Programs that are developed in partnership with youth are more likely to be effective at engaging the people and hence have a greater impact. Programs and activities should be developed with youth rather than for youth. There is certain age group of people in youngsters that might be suffering through depressions and anxiety because of growing technology and Social Media which creates a disturbance and they cannot perform well in whichever area they might be talented in. Our mission is to help them by counseling and various sessions that are required. India is the country where the highest number of people are suffering from depression and they don’t pay attention to it. Our organization wants to be a medium for such people so that we can help them solve their problems. Also according to the study, it has been found that suicidal rate in India amongst youngster is more than any other country and no one cares about it as they think that emotion like depression doesn't need any treatment which is not true. Severe depression can lead to suicidal thoughts and also suicide. India is a country which is more prone to the suicides between the age of 19-27 years. If we could figure it and help this out we can help our nation grow. So we conclude that we cannot simply lose our set of valuable people that is the youngsters of India and along with the other activities that are being carried we specifically need to focus on this area and cure it, as we cannot afford to lose our valuable assets. We want to support them in all aspects so that the growth and development should not stop.