Environment & PRESERVATION

There is a need to save the environment and be environmentally conscious of changes that are affecting the environment are putting multiple species endangered and on the verge of extinction. Pollution is one of the hazardous effects that is affecting the environment badly. Another thing that we need to think about is the forest that is being destroyed at a faster rate which is imbalancing the ecosystem. Growing pollution and declining the number of forests is creating a great destruction. We need to plant more trees to keep our environment clean and healthy. We don’t realize but we are living on the resources provided by our planet and need to save and protect them at any cost. Increasing pollution is also leading to increased temperate and we should keep planting trees to keep the temperature in control. We should also preserve the beauty of nature by taking care of our environment. We can conduct few programs and events that encourage the environment and its well being especially by the youngsters who could take initiative and make it happen.