Incidents of kidnapping and sexual assaults on girls and women point to the "appalling levels" of crime in India, the Economic Survey said on Friday. (Source: Economic Survey 2016-17)

Pune, Nagpur record a higher crime rate than Mumbai in 2016 (Source: Times of India)

The question for you is straightforward

What would you do if someone held you from the back? Choked you? Put a knife to your throat? Pinned you to the ground and tried to assault you? Surrounded you in a secluded place? Or attacked you in any other way possible?

Do you think you can handle the situation smartly and escape to save your life? Or do you fear that shock will take over your presence of mind and you will end up succumbing to the unfortunate?

If you are still thinking about it or your answer is “I do not know” or “perhaps I will do ….”, this program is MUST TAKE for you. Do you know you have a window of merely 3-4 seconds to get away from the attacker and if you have already spent time thinking about your options, you are most likely (and, sadly) - victimized.

This is a recent news headline from Indian Express on Pune.

Working women have it no easier than students in Pune, as they recount tales of being stalked, harassed and abused: ‘The city has changed’ (Source: Indian Express)

Yes, there were times women roamed around freely in our city.

But today, everyone fears being alone on the roads after 8 PM (sometimes even earlier!). Women from various backgrounds (students, homemakers or working professionals) have admitted to feeling unsafe in this city.

Not only that, they also say that the increasing cases of crimes against women, not just in Pune but across the country, have made them more “careful and alert” about their own safety in the past few years.

There is only one thing we want every woman to remember.

If you were ever targeted for an attack, there is ONE person who will come to rescue you (without a doubt!) and that person is *drum rolls please* YOU… YOU ARE YOUR BEST BET AND BEST DEFENSE IN THESE SITUATIONS.

However, you need some amount of self defense training to be able to rely on yourself in situations of distress and hence, we are organizing a one day workshop on women safety and self defense.

Youth Talent Development Society (YTDS) self defense program is designed to spread awareness and prepare you for any situation that might occur in your daily life. This program, unlike the other, will start by sharing ways to avoid the attack all together. We will teach you simple but effective self defense strategies for avoiding, recognizing and responding to any unfortunate encounter. These strategies are effective regardless of size, age, frame or fitness level.

By the end of this program, you will have all the knowledge, tools, strategies and plans needed to protect yourself.

1. So, who are we?

Youth Talent Development Society (YTDS) is a non-governmental organization that is based in Pune. It is founded and chaired by Ameet Bhinganiya, Vikas Bhatt and Jeevan Rankahmbe. You can know more about us here.

At YTDS, we strive to raise and engage a generation of youth that will build the India of our dreams anchored on rapid socio-economic development.

2. Why do you need to (and must) attend a self-defense program?

We live in a country where women are taught to be within their homes, not to go out late, wear or say something to NOT get raped instead of teaching men NOT to rape (or to behave in general). What we are trying to say is that -

women in India are often seen as “dependant” or referred to as the weaker sex. Owing to such thinking, women are considered easy targets by attackers.

The crime rate is increasingly on the rise not only in Pune but the entire nation and it is time we take the matters in our own hand.

Yes, in our OWN hand.

Can we ask you a simple question?

If your home is on fire, would YOU try to put out the fire in any way possible or just wait for the fire brigade to come and rescue?

We are sure no one in there right mind would opt to sit and watch their house burn down! Similarly, you cannot just rely on police (or a passer by) to rescue you from an attack and not put up a worthy fight yourself.

With more and more people becoming “spectators” and “I will shoot the incident on my phone but do nothing about it”, it is safe to assume that we are all on our own. We need to face the situation bravely, smartly and without any FEAR.

And, this can happen only if you have the right self-defense training which not only teaches you strategies and tactics but also focuses on keeping presence of mind in any situation.

I am sure you have read about assault, eve teasing, stalking and rape cases in the local newspapers for quite sometime now.

A rickshaw driver and his friends allegedly raped a 23-year-old woman in Kondhwa area of Pune on Wednesday and Thursday, the Hindustan Times reported. Two accused have been arrested.

State Commission for Women registers 26 cases of harassment at workplace in one day in Pune.

These are just two examples and there are many more if we sit down to find these type of news.

Meaning, self defense is more of a necessity than an option in India today. All of us (mostly women) are guilty of shrugging off self-defense programs, courses, training etc. A lot them think “it will not happen to me” or “I do not need this training”.

But it is only when instances of harassment turns into a heinous act of rape or acid attack, we realize the importance of taking such a training.

Let us ask you another question. How many of us are vigilant even at home? Do we know what to do if you are suddenly attacked in your own home one day?

Would you hurriedly run to kitchen to find chili powder and knives to use them as weapons? Is that the first thing you thought or were you just too scared to think logically?

Yes, some people are absolutely quick to react (read, presence of mind) but some are slow to react in the same given situation.

But, if you are in a violent attack, you have only two options - be quick or be the victim. The latter is not the obvious choice for ALL women. If you learn the art of self defense and practice it regularly, you can develop your reflexes and the training can become a subconscious reaction in threatening situations.

We don’t say all the crimes against women could be avoided by self-defense ONLY, but the rate at which the crime is rising against women can be managed if women are more vigilant and aware.

Are you ready to refuse to be a victim EVER?

3. Who is this program for?

Any and all women. Whether you are in school, college, a working professional, a housewife or a senior citizen - you NEED a self defense training.

Remember, attacks don’t take permissions, they can happen anywhere. So, be vigilant and ready to face it!

Note: There is a difference between martial arts and self defense programs. You don’t need years of karate training to learn self defense. A basic training like this is a good start to develop and know about self-protection strategies that you can continue to build upon.

Do you know you often practice successful self-defense strategies without knowing it?

4. When is it?

Will be announced soon

5. Where is it?

Will be announced soon

6. Who is conducting it?

You are in great hands. The training program will be conducted by

  • Nilesh Surgude (Closed – Ready for Coaching), a karate expert who will teach you all the basics move you need to know

  • Hemen Lohana of (a company which conducts program with an intend to cut the supply of fear from the would be victim to the attacker, & possibly reverse the supply, thereby instilling a sense of confidence & self dependence)

7. What does this program include?

The program will focus on aspects of self protection starting from


In order to take full advantage of the program, it is important that you are aware of

  • Society's approach towards crime against women

  • the facts, figures and statistics behind violence against women
  • Why you need to learn self defense

  • What are the chances that you may fall to be a victim of a crime against women
  • How, when and in what circumstances can it happen

  • Situations you need to be aware of and careful of
  • What do criminals look for in a victim and what they avoid

  • How to reduce your vulnerability to such a situation and reduce the risks of becoming a victim

Reactions and contacts

Once you are aware of your surroundings and all relevant information, the program will move on to dealing with handling criminals and how to react

In this part you will learn

  • Simple, easy but effective tactics to defend yourself against an attack
  • How to surprise the attacker
  • How to fend off the attacker and escape quickly
  • What should you look for if you are attacked
  • What NOT to do in these situations
  • How to develop the RIGHT attitude to handle these situations and cut on fear

In short, you will learn AWARENESS that is absolutely necessary to identify any threat and avoid a potentially precarious situation. If you get in to a verbal dialog with the potential attacker, we will also deal with setting boundaries to avoid any fights, de-escalating any conflict and responding effectively to harassment.

And, if this still leads to contact, we will cover all physical skills you will need to protect yourself.

8. How will you benefit from this?

After the training, you will know

  • How to understand and analyze your surroundings
  • How to avoid any conflict (if it is possible)
  • How to de-escalate a situation and avoid violence
  • Simple and effective moves for self defense
  • How to escape from such situations and call for help
  • How to be safe
  • How to develop the right attitude
  • How to think logically in such situation
  • How to develop your reflexes

9. What is our aim

The victim’s feeling of helplessness and fear are the worst enemy. Hence,

YTDS Women self defense program is focused on empowering women to deal with situations of attack and be self dependant. We not only want every woman to walk fearlessly and protect themselves in any situation they come across but become psychologically and emotionally strong to maintain her presence of mind to recognize and create opportunity to be safe (or escape) .

10. How to register?

For registering, you can email us at Click hereand fill this form Click here

11. A few other instructions

  • Anyone who has health issues or is medically unfit should consult doctor/physician before attending the workshop

  • There is no need to change attire. Wear what you would normally wear.

  • Wear comfortable shoes

Want to know more?

For additional information or questions about this program contact:   +91 8999621797