Each One Teach One

“Each One Teach One" is purely created for students to provide them their deserved education through an online support. EOTO will help them resume their studies.

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Each One Teach One

We are Each One Teach One (EOTO) an initiative of The Youth Talent Development Society. There are many students who dropped their education due to financial problems or lack of resources. We understand the hardships these people are going through. EOTO comes as a supporter in this and succor such underprivileged class of our society.

Our Mission

EOTO lives with an aim to create opportunities for studies. The students who unwillingly dropped their education, we aim to resume their studies and let them dream.

Why you should unite with each one teach one?

We all understand that self-satisfaction is very important to make our life worth living, but there are many people who are poverty-stricken and lacking basic necessity of life. We should understand that we do have some responsibility towards our society.

Poverty, which is one of the prolonged and very deep rooted problems in India. This can be tackled, if we achieve zero illiteracy rate. So, to eradicate poverty it is very important that each and every person knows to read and write. So that in future they can also get a good job and earn a bread for living.

Each One Teach One" is a project purely created for students to provide them their deserved education through an online support. The first step towards this will be held in Pune.

How Can ‘Each One Teach One’ Will Create A Major Impact?

As we know, children are the future of our country and every child or citizen possess a right to education, then why cannot these people? Even if this pandemic has hit the entire nation, YTDS is still standing strong behind the weaker section of our society.

It’s time to know our duty and responsibilities towards our society, we urge you to support our campaign as much as you can. This will help more and more underprivileged people get education and will pave a way to create a stronger nation.

So, Let us join hands together to be a part of change and to build a new society where no students will be devoid of their right to education.

We Need Your Support To Create A Major Difference

In such a pandemic situation, I urge you to come forward and take an initiative to help these students and their families to sustain during such hard time and continue their studies safely being at home without risking their lives.

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