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First, do you know what liver cirrhosis is? It is the fatal and very severe damage caused to the liver. Liver size is not more than a football, but plays very crucial role in filtering the toxins from your blood. It makes enzymes that helps to digest food, control sugar and store nutrients and helps fight with the infections. Every time the liver gets wound, it repairs itself and forms strong scar tissue. When too much scar tissues are generated, the organ functions improperly and may stop working and this condition is called Liver cirrhosis/hepatic cirrhosis.

There are many people around the world who are suffering from this fatal disease. One of them is Anis Mulani who is suffering from Liver Cirrhosis/hepatic cirrhosis, his uncle, wants to save him but cannot afford the hospital expenses. So he wants to raise funds to help his nephew live longer.

It has been more than 2 months he is suffering from this fatal disease. He is admitted to Chennai’s Dr. Rela Institute & Medical Center, for the liver transplant surgery which is done few days back.

This is a complete heartache, my sister (Anis's mother, Sayarabanu) donated her part of liver to save her child this operation took more than 10hrs, as a brother this is making my heartbreak, but as an uncle I want to save my nephew too.

I am very grateful to the team of RIMC, the quick decision to operate Anis was very risky yet, the surgeon, Dr. Rela did this very skillfully I am really thankful to the whole RIMC team. The surgeon said "I was little skeptical about his surgery but it went really well. I'm really happy for him".

Until this time, he has been in ICU and on life support for some time due to an abdominal infection, he suffered from Portal vein thrombosis (fluid in around liver and lungs).

I am in a misery now, this pre transplant treatment cost us upto 20 lacs INR. The liver transplant surgery estimated was around 28.50 lacs but due to Anis’s conditions he has been in ICU for 2 weeks after surgery and now the cost is extended to 33.50 lacs.

Anis and his mother are still struggling and trying hard to win the battle but it is a long road ahead. He and his mother along with family are still in Chennai to continue this battle. It is still long road ahead. Anis’s father is farmer and mother is homemaker, still they did whatever possible for his child. His family and relatives contributed to treatment but is not enough. I want my nephew to be healthy and live longer hence request you to help us with the remaining treatment amount. Every contribution will be very much helpful to our family.

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