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Youth Talent Development Society, YTDS, is a multifaceted NGO which takes up social causes that adds value to the society. We have a holistic approach for all the causes we undertake so that we address the distress with effective solutions. We have a culturally sensitive staff that designs and implements causes that can engage people of all ages and backgrounds to come forward and be a part of the change.

Our Story

We had always wanted to help society by doing something remarkable that can change people’s lives. We started our journey from early days but took upon our first full-fledged campaign about Road Safety in the year 2008 and since then, it’s no stopping for us

The idea of starting an NGO cropped up by looking at the state of poverty, lack of educational institutes and facilities, unemployment, the poor state of women’s lives and the depreciating rate of greenery. This is when we came up with an idea that our NGO will not focus on a particular problem area of society. We will focus on everything that needs immediate attention, from environment preservation to women environment, everything.

Our more than a decade long journey has not been an easy one, but we believe that no good work comes the easy way. We have undertaken a lot of campaigns with constant support from organizations like Fidelity National Financial Inc., India (FNFI). We have seen a shortage of supplies, resources, and even participant, but these are the times when more people have come forward to help us help them and together we have built YTDS. With Sweat, Work, Resilience, and Empathy.

Our Vision

We have never been interested in being the highlight but we are an organization that wants to come ahead to shine the light on the areas we all are forgetting in our busy lives.

We want all to live equally dignified lives and hence are looking forward to empowering them with necessary training.

When we started we didn't intend to earn us fame or name but we want to encourage youth towards improving the current situations.

We consider the drive towards all these causes as an opportunity for us to give back to society.

We have suffered along with the lives of those that are troubled in different ways and we can best empathize.

We could sense the need to take bold new actions to tackle climate change, increasing poverty, and social problems.

We wanted these few countable causes to keep us engaged in our most busy lives.

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Each One Teach One

“Each One Teach One" is purely created for students to provide them their deserved education through an online support. EOTO will help them resume their studies.

What We Do

Our mission is to create a generation that is powerful, aware, educated, employed; ready to eliminate the long standing problems in our society and bring the change we all wish to witness. For this purpose, we have these main causes that we focus on

Environment &

Environment & Preservation

Focusing on the efficiency, protecting wildlife and minimizing carbon footprint is important today because we have realized that earth’s resources are limited.... Read more

Education &

Education & Employment

Seeing children be deprived of education is heart-breaking especially when there are children who are fending for themselves by doing odd jobs at a really young age... Read more

Young & Youth Development

Young & Youth Development

We cannot expect youngsters to be productive, positive and have a healthy approach towards life if we do not do our bit of contributing to their holistic development... Read more

Awareness & Empowerment

Awareness & Empowerment

By spending time in doing various social causes we have found out that to disable any evil effect from the society is possible only if one is aware about.... Read more

Our Work

Our work comprises of all the campaigns we have done for youth development and empowerment, women’s safety program, preserving the environment by planting trees, advocating importance of road safety, etc.

Our recent campaigns

YTDS in collaboration with Fidelity National Financial Inc., India organized two campaigns recently in different districts of Bengaluru.

Lalitha Bhawan

A school-cum-home for special
children to fulfil their special needs.

Sight Restoration Campaign

Our journey towards seeing the
world and making others see it too.

Other campaigns

We have an array of campaigns that we have organized in the recent years.

Western Maharashtra Flood Relief Campaign

A Glimpse of our Kolhapur-Sangli
Flood Relief Campaign Drive

Women Safety & Self Defense Awareness

Women defending themselves
paints a true picture of resilience.


Our walk through the barren
land to lush green forest.

Dance Competition

Oozing confidence and talent, youngsters can build the future. Gallery

Street Play

The glimpses of youngsters taking responsibility for shaping the society. Gallery

Save a Girl Child

The journey towards saving
a girl child is a long one.

Road Safety

Our drive to control the pace of vehicles for saving lives. Gallery

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Let's come together and work with ideas that can change the world.

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