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We keep a tab of what we do, not to count our success, but to calculate the amount of efforts we need to put in.

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Our Journey

The campaigns we organize are thoroughly analyzed and planned out so that we don’t face a dead-track in the middle of our campaigns. We prioritize the requirements of society and organize the campaigns accordingly.

Lalitha Bhawan - 2019

Children are a gift to every living being. The innocence and selflessness that they show are the reasons we believe that there can be good people in the world. To keep their innocence alive fuelled with knowledge we decided to build a home-cum-school for special children.

YTDS, in association with Fidelity National Financial India Private Limited and Vidyaranya, has successfully inaugurated Lalitha Bhawan – a home for mentally challenged children on 7th March 2019 in Mandur, Bengaluru. In its vow to cater to the needs of the weaker section of the society, YTDS has added another feather to its cap with the help of Fidelity National Financial and Vidyaranya. The home has been built to cater to more than 100 special kids by providing the basic necessities – food, clothing, shelter and basic skills to teach sustainability.

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Sight Restoration Campaign - 2019

Everyone has the right to see the world through their eyes. It is however very unfortunate to see that many people lose their eyesight because of cataract and scarcity of money. Cataract in patient happens when the lens get cloudy and a person is unable to see clearly because of this condition.

To help people fighting with this problem, we decided to conduct a sight restoration campaign for the cataract patients of Kolar, Bengaluru. Before the inauguration of this campaign all the patients were identified and their files prepared. We aim to treat 300 patients by 30th June 2019. The doctors have so far successfully operated on around 100 patients who had this condition. We are working towards achieving our target.

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Women Self Defense Awareness - 2019

We believe that women are the most valuable asset of our society & needed to be trained to deal with increasing violence against them. It is saddening to say that crimes like kidnapping and sexual assaults on females are happening to appalling levels in India.

Our question was — how do women train their reflexes so that they are not victimized even in difficult situations. To solve this issue, we wanted to take an initiative in organizing self-defense programs in various organizations, schools, and colleges.

YTDS puts continuous efforts and encourages women to participate in the women empowerment program.

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Plant a Million Trees Event 2018 - 2019

Even though the #PlantAMillionTree campaign focused on tree plantation in Pune, it is spread like wildfire in Pan-India. Many people stepped forward to join hands with us to become a part of YTDS as volunteers during the campaign. We conducted a photography contest where people were asked to share a photo of them clicked while planting the tree and share it with us. The volunteer with the most like, comment, share, etc. was awarded.

Apart from this fact, we also visit different locations in and around Pune, every Sunday, for planting the trees. People from all walk of life such as students, doctors, authors, entrepreneurs, etc. have contributed towards this campaign by either volunteering or donating.

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Dance Competition - 2013

Dancing brings out grace, courage and confidence in people apart from being highly energizing. As part of our Youth Development program, we had organized an inter-college dance competition so that youngsters can come forward and showcase their talent.

The idea behind organizing such an event was to give a platform to youngsters so that they could accept and show their talent to the world. We believe that by providing an opportunity to youths you can help them build their self-esteem and their self-confidence. To help youngsters embrace their true potential it is important for us to give them an opportunity so that they can use their talent to their benefit and can be content for the path that they choose.

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Street Play Competition - 2012

Street plays often depict some of the very important social problems that need to be addressed and solved so that the audience can learn something from it. By keeping this idea in mind, we organized an Inter-College Street Play Competition. We received an overwhelming response not only from the college and its students but we also saw a huge number of people turning up to watch the event.

The idea behind organizing the event was to let students realise that there are things in the society that need to be changed and by being aware and responsible, they can surely do so. The mind of youth needs to trained and paved in the right direction and therefore by letting them step into a scenario, we give them a chance find ways for tackling problems.

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Save a Girl Child - 2011

Being able to give a gift of life is the biggest gift a person can give to another person. Empathy doesn’t make the sorrows vanish but it can surely make it seem bearable.

We organized the ‘Save A Girl Child’ campaign for a little girl who was suffering from a fatal disease and her father had given up every hope since he couldn’t finance her medical bills anymore. When we came to know about this situation, we decided to do something for the child and set-up a donation booth in the premises of Mphasis and collected a huge amount of money in a short period of time.

Though, the child couldn’t be saved, making her journey easier motivates us to stay strong on our decision to help others.

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Road Safety Campaign - 2008

We all want to reach to our destinations safe and sound. We rush in hurry to reach to our loved ones but now is the time to slow down, for our children, for our loved ones. Slow down when you are on the road so that the number of fatal accidents can come down and everyone can go home, a little late, but go.

We can save lives, by cutting our speed on the road and being a little more responsible and adhering to the road rules. To create awareness within people to support road safety, we organized a road safety campaign. The Traffic Police of Pune were present in support of this cause. We urged people to abide by the traffic rules and create the city an accident-free area.

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