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We create a healthy and fresh environment for the sustenance of the society and other living beings. Our causes are an amalgamation of welfare for different purposes.

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It is often reported that more than 20 million people all over the world are blind because of cataract. Majority of these people suffer from cataract and ultimately blindness because of poverty or poor medical facilities in their area.
For people who live in rural areas of India, life without an eyesight will prove to be difficulty. To combat with this issue, we, along with Fidelity National Financial Inc., India (FNFI), decided to organize a sight restoration campaign for people who suffer from cataract in Kolar, Bengaluru.
The campaign was launched on 13th March 2019 and will continue till 30th June. Our mission is to successfully operate at least 300 cataract patients by the end of this campaign.

Sight Restoration Campaign for Cataract Patients

Lalitha Bhawan – A Home for Special Children

Mentally challenged children have more needs than normal children. To make them feel confident and not shy away from society as well as to empower them to still excel in whatever hobbies and education they undertake, we decided to inaugurate Lalitha Bhawan – a home-cum-school for special children – in Mandur, Bengaluru.
The purpose of building this school was to take such children under our wings and groom them in a compassionate environment. We teach vocational skills to them and empower them to be as independent as possible. This encouragement will help them overcome their fears and live their lives with independence and pride.

We need to have a deeper understanding of how things have been affecting our natural world. The ways we live our lives reflect how concerned we are about the natural world. We realized this and decided to put our desires and plans into actions for environment preservation. Although environment preservation involves anything that we do protect and conserve natural resources, we at YTDS, have taken a small step towards this change. On June 10th, 2018, we started with a 'Plant a million trees' mission and have completed 45% of the work. We are looking forward to coming with more such campaigns as we continue our endeavors campaign after the other.

Environment & Preservation

Education & Employment

Many are being educated but not getting employed whereas there are a few young ones who do not get the privilege of studying. As many of our young ones are facing these problems, we decided to work towards designing a system that works. To honestly state, it takes a country to bring this in society and hence we modestly accept our limits but this does not stop us from working towards our goals. We at YTDS are concerned about women who have to stay uneducated because of their circumstances and looking forward to your support to educate them. As stated above it is only with your help and positive response we will able to accomplish our mission.

We strongly feel that our youth needs to be surrounded by conditions that promote their growth. They need to develop in the area of social, ethical, emotional, physical, and cognitive competencies. We want to be always encouraging youth to set their personal and vocational goals. We do this by helping them realize their potential in different areas by means of arranging activities like YTDS Street Play Competition, YTDS Dance Competition. We focus on promoting positivity, productivity by means of providing youth the required support and vocational training. Prepare yourselves young ones to face the challenges in life and create new opportunities for yourselves no matter the circumstances you are in.

Young & Youth Development

Awareness & Empowerment

At YTDS, we focus on developing the potential of women, children, and youth so that they can achieve their goals. This is because we strongly believe that awareness and empowerment plays a vital role in causing change. Empowered people empower the country as a whole. To achieve our goal we strategically organize events that spread awareness on topics like women empowerment, child health, self-defense, drug abuse, alcoholism, domestic violence, etc. If we all want to live equally dignified lives we need to find out the root causes of the problems like social evils, economic disparities, etc. Work with us, be a part of our mission today!

Let's come together and work with ideas that can change the world.

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