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Youth Talent Development Society

is a non-profit organization headquartered in Pune, India. With its reputation as one of the best NGO in India that works on multiple dimensions and contributes to the betterment of society. For all the causes we work on, we employ a comprehensive & holistic approach in order to effectively treat any kind of distress.

It's our erroneous belief that India will never accomplish its actual transformation journey until all the aspects of the country are empowered & educated to make choices and transform their own lives. With this thought, YTDS was established in 2007, not just that, but we also strive towards making our environment greener and reducing the carbon footprint and making sure we leave a greener planet for the next generation.

Our unique 360-degree development model is established on four key thematic areas
Environment, Education, Employment & Empowerment.
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Our Story

Helping Dreams

We had always hoped to contribute to society by making a significant impact on people's lives. We began our voyage in early 2007, but it wasn't until the year 2008 that we launched our first comprehensive campaign about Road Safety.

Looking at the situation of poverty, the lack of educational institutions and facilities, unemployment, the truly awful status of women's lives, and the declining rate of the environment gave rise to the idea of founding an NGO.

This is when we decided that our NGO would not concentrate on a certain social issue. Everything that needs immediate attention, including the environment and women's concerns, will be our main focus.

Our Mission

Connecting inspired & willing individuals to make a big positivedifference in society.

Our Vision

We want all to live dignified lives & hence are looking forward to empowering civilization.

Our Values

Diversity, Integrity, & Compassion are the greatest values that YTDS is built on

Our Philosophy

YTDS believes that the only way to bring about a lasting & irreversible transformation for the better is by collaboration between rural India & young urban India, corporates and the government, as well as other foundations.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to Engage, Empower, Execute & revolve closely around our 4 Es. Engaging corporate India & young urban Indians, non-profits, & the government to empower communities to implement solutions that transform not only our lives but also the lives of future generations.

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