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We are an NGO that mobilizes youth by not only creating awareness about changing the environment and social issues but also providing them with vocational and employment training.

The philosophy

behind this project

Zomato has initiated the idea of approaching women to be our delivery partners in order to make them economically empowered. YTDS team is working collectively to turn this idea into reality and promote the self-reliance of women. It is the first of its kind, a revolutionary program that opens the door to a new career platform with countless benefits, being in a safe zone. We have seen what women are capable of, and hence we initiated this agenda learning for their financial stability.

Dear ladies,
You are the key to the world’s shared success, regardless of your education and special skills. It's time to get out of the box of domestic work and earn enough to support your family and yourself.

Woman Self-Development Venture By Zomato

A lack of security and education prevents women from achieving financial independence and being able to support their families. Other challenges that every woman has to face include a lack of skills, a significant work gap, and not knowing how to restart. YTDS is assisting Zomato to reach out to a maximum number of women to be our delivery partners. We believe financial security and safety have to be a top priority of any organization to break the cycle of poverty. Join in by connecting with us on this venture and spreading awareness among your loved ones. We value your contribution.


Striving For #GirlPower


We believe that women are capable to step into the new era of the male-dominant work zone. Know your worth and choose a challenging path in order to build your career as a Zomato delivery superwoman.


Say goodbye to all your money problems and support your family to grow in a prosperous direction. If you want to take responsibility for your parent's health, children's education, spouse's well-being, join Zomato to win at it!


There is no doubt that women always forget to take care of her own self. While we're at it, We encourage you to be more aware of your own physical, financial and mental health. You are precious to us!


This is your chance to earn way better than traditional domestic chores. Step out of the box and release yourself from the stereotypical workspace.

Our Objective

The economic growth of women is the most ignored subject when we talk about empowerment, rights, and equality. We may have faced many problems building financial models for the nation, but the truth is that you can not stand on just one leg for very long. Similarly, even the domestic economy can be improved when the woman of the house contributes. This even makes good business sense.

When they have the required skills (in this case, knowledge of riding a bike and using smartphones holds them accountable), it's our chance to create real opportunities for them. Economically empowered women contribute more to their families, societies, and that directly makes way for sustainable development.

Joining Made Easy

We made it as easy as possible to join. It takes less than 1 day to complete the onboarding process. Share your contact details along with your city. Our executives will call you back to know more about you.

Feel free to refer to women in need around you.


Click on the join button

Click here on the join button to start your success journey with Zomato.


Share your information

Fill up the form and our executives will guide you through the process.


Get trained

Training is available in the local language to make the process easy for you.


Start working

Welcome on board and start working in preferable locations.

Why Food Delivery?

‘Let's say... WHY NOT?

There are still many areas with male dominance just because of the absence of awareness. Women just don’t know that they are capable or allowed to work in those domains. It's an only fair business- We need more employees working for us and countless women hold all the skills to join us.

I say grab the opportunity and start earning!

5 Key Points Why You Should Join Us:

It pays well:
Zomato is paying you way better than all the other jobs that require a complex skill-set. You just need to know how to ride and how to use a smartphone efficiently and you are good to go.

Comfort zone:
People are dependent on online food for many reasons. So, there won't be any shortage of work in your residential area. (Mostly in the cities like Pune, Mumbai, and Bangalore.)It will allow you to work freely while working in your safe zone.

In-house training:
Before Zomato takes you on board, they will conduct all the required training. The online training process makes it even easier for every employee to grasp the workflow.

Women are the assets:
There are a large number of vacancies and a comparatively small number of women involved. This can be proven to be a great opportunity to do something unique.

Excellent opportunity:
"Zomato food delivery partnering" is an excellent opportunity as it welcomes female candidates in particular. If you are skilled enough, you are more likely to get selected and start working right away, and there will still be a chance for other women to join.

Become a Zomato Delivery


Women are now taking pride in working in every possible sector to support their own families or education. This is once in a lifetime opportunity to step outside and work for Zomato securing comfortable work location & time-slot options.

  • No Educational Demand
  • No Experience Needed
  • No Age Bar Limit
  • No Special Skills Required


Food Delivery Process

After Joining:

Get notification

pick up the food


deliver on the mentioned address

collect the payment

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